In the authentication method for login drop-down list, select LDAP + Local Users and Click Configure LDAP. If you are connected to your SonicWall appliance via HTTP rather than HTTPS , you will see a dialog box warning you of the sensitive nature of the information stored in directory services and offering to change your connection to HTTPS.

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There are two different, unrelated LDAP functions in Snipe-IT. One is an admin LDAP authentication, which facilitates the LDAP sync in the People section, the other is a standard LDAP user login, which is how your LDAP users would authenticate against your installation of Snipe-IT.

May 21, 2020 LDAP AD and Azure Active Directory authentication for Active Directory and LDAP/LDAP-S. Active Directory (AD) and LDAP are a great authentication option for on-premises configurations to ensure that domain users have access to the APIs. LDAP is the standard protocol for reading data from and writing data to Active Directory (AD) domain controllers. Secure LDAP with Active Directory (Integrated W |VMware

LDAP authorization requires identical group names in Active Directory, on the LDAP server, and on Citrix Gateway. The characters and case must also match. By default, LDAP authentication is secure by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS). There are two types of secure LDAP …

Jan 25, 2020 Setting up Active Directory Authentication using LDAP For Active Directory, the login name is usually mapped to sAMAccountName as it is the attribute in Active Directory most like UID. For Active Directory, it is usually best to specify sAMAccountName. Enter the Search Filter. This string is an LDAP search string used to locate and filter the account in Active Directory. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol - Wikipedia Dec 05, 2001