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Sorry. You are not using Tor. The Tor Project is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the research, development, and education of online anonymity and privacy. Learn More » JavaScript is enabled. Proxy Checker - Check the Anonymity of the Proxy You Are Using Online proxy checker to check the anonymity of the proxy you are using. It shows the detailed informaton about how we judge the anonymity of your proxy.

If your computer or browser does not support Java applets then the Anonymity Checker will gather what it can using Javascript. Below is a description of the information that will be gathered. Connection

Anonymity check. All visited sites detect personal information: your address: United States, Redmond your IP address: We can verify the accuracy of this information, whether or not it is really true, whether or not you are using a proxy, anonymizer, VPN server, Tor or … Anonymity check / Anonymity check. With this service, you can check how anonymous you are on the network, how much data provided by your computer/browser, the same data provided by your ip-address. My IP Hide IP. Whois. Host Country United States (US)

What is Anonymity Check. A popular and effective form of protecting IP addresses on the Internet is anonymous proxies acting as an intermediary between your computer and a web resource. Anonymous proxies that hide IP are divided into: Anonymous: do not hide the …

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