5 Modern Countries that Do Not Protect Religious Freedom

Religions have controlled many nations, and many nations have made religion as its national identity. Many countries do allow freedom of religion, but within the religion, there are restrictions. A nation is always above religion, but national law Key facts about government-favored religion around the Oct 03, 2017 Are Muslim countries really unreceptive to religious freedom? Jul 10, 2015 Hagia Sophia, Freedom Of Religion And Fallacies Inherent

Mar 29, 2017

11 Countries Without Freedom of Assembly - Insider Monkey Attacks on freedom of assembly are usually expected from Countries Without Freedom of Speech or Press, but what is more concerning is that even some countries claiming to be democratic have

Countries With Worst Religious Freedom Grades Are Mostly

Global Restrictions on Religion | Pew Research Center Mar 12, 2020 The 10 Countries With the Most Religious Freedom, Ranked May 03, 2019 8 Countries Where Religious Freedom Is Actually Under Mauritania. An activist named Mohammad Cheikh Ould Mohammad (also known as “MKheytir”) is …