DNS Leak Protection. On several occasions, Windows uses the default DNS servers, which are the ones from your ISP. Enabling this feature will force the use of CyberGhost DNS servers. That makes sure there are no leaks. That way, your ISP cannot see what you are doing. Torrent Speed Tests

Jul 24, 2019 IPVanish VPN Review | PCMag IPVanish VPN offers a good value with 10 simultaneous connections and a robust collection of servers. But it's all wrapped in a cluttered interface, and the company could use a clearer privacy policy. CyberGhost VPN Review for 2020: Cheap & Fast But Is it Safe? Jul 20, 2020

NordVPN vs CyberGhost 2020: One You Will Want to Avoid

How to avoid a WebRTC IP Leak Beware of Chrome Plugins able to unveil your real identity In some cases, different browsers experience WebRTC leaks that can cause real IP address leakage, even when using a VPN. How can DNS leak? Under certain conditions, even when connected to the anonymous network, the operating system will continue to use its default DNS servers instead of the anonymous DNS servers assigned to your computer by the anonymous network. This is called a leak.

Sep 21, 2013 · CyberGhost seem a bit iffy to me. Jurisdiction: a lot of what they do is supplied by M247 including their DNS - a UK (5-eyes / echelon) based company (info gained from leak tests, IP info).

CyberGhost VPN Review - How Safe and Reliable is it in 2020? Jul 08, 2020 CyberGhost VPN Reviews and Pricing 2020 - SourceForge CyberGhost VPN includes online, business hours, and 24/7 live support. CyberGhost VPN is VPN software, and includes features such as anonymous browsing, DNS leak protection, kill switch, Multi-Language, Multi-Protocol, Peer-to-Peer, policy management, remote access, and web inspection. Product pricing starts at $3.50/year. CyberGhost VPN Review: Fastest VPN in India Gets Windows