Option 2: You can change the RTSP port directly in your camera to port 10554, 11554, 12554 and so on and then create a port forwarding rule in your router which would forward port 10554 from public IP to port 10554 on a local IP of your camera. The configuration will look like this in that case:

Sep 18, 2017 How To Setup Your Foscam Camera For Local and Remote We didn’t change the camera’s default port number. On HD Foscam Camera’s the default HTTP port number is 88. On the SD 89xx series cameras the default http port number is 80. This is fairly simple in our example. We need to forward external port (8505) to the camera’s local IP and port. ( port … Network Video Recorders (NVR) - Foscam Canada FN3104H 4-ch 720P/960P HD IP Camera access H.264 Main Profile video Compression Su.. IP Camera Tool – Foscam Sep 05, 2014

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How to setup Port Forwarding for Multiple Cameras

One thing you may want to try, if you haven't already, is setting a static LAN IP on your camera, instead of letting it use DHCP to get it's address, then port forward to the static IP. The other possibility (and I don't have an Arris gateway, so I don't know this for sure) is that the gateway could be blocking the protocols used by the camera.

Port Forwarding - Camcloud Remember if you change the HTTP port to access your camera locally add the port, for example: Tip #4: Multiple cameras If you have more than one camera you can't use the same port. You will need to increment accordingly. If you have one camera setup on port 8080, change the next one to 8081 and so on. Tip #5: Enable button Foscam - Camcloud Foscam H.264. This applies to cameras named 98xx/99xx series, Fosbaby, R2, C1, C2. This is the recommend approach to setup your Foscam camera. Note: Before starting, make sure that you've port-forwarded your camera. If you're unsure how to start the port-forwarding process, take a look at our guide for some guidance. Step #1. Start the "Add Foscam Configuration - SkySwitch Knowledge Base Select the Foscam camera type; Give it a name; Select the model ; Click Next. In the Network tab, enter the camera's Username and Password. Input the External IP address for the network or the DDNS address configured for the camera. The HTTP port number applies to the camera's HTTP port that was set and opened on the network for the selected