The M4 is a very powerful automatic assault rifle belonging to the M16 rifle family. It appears in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts, and in Hitman: Blood Money. This weapon is one of the five'personal' weapons in the game. The player automatically receives it after the training mission, Death of a Showman.

Maverick M4A1 Carbine | Counter-Strike Wiki | Fandom The Maverick M4A1 Carbine, often referred to as the M4, is an assault rifle featured in the Counter-Strike series, exclusive to the Counter-Terrorists. The counterpart for the Terrorists is the CV-47. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it was replaced by the M4A4 but had a successor added in the Arms Deal update as the M4A1-S, taking up the same slot as its replacement. M4 | Metal Gear Wiki | Fandom M4 Carbine Origin United States Type Assault rifle Production and service Manufacturer Colt Defense Specifications Weight 5.9 lb (2.7 kg) empty6.9 lb (3.1 kg) with 30 rounds Length 33 in (838 mm) (stock extended)29.8 in (757 mm) (stock retracted) Barrel length 14.5 in (368 mm) Cartridge 5.56x45mm Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt Muzzle velocity 2,900 ft/s (884 m/s) Feed system 30 round box M4A1 (Boss) - Girls' Frontline Wiki Sep 05, 2019 M4 | Aikatsu Stars! Wikia | Fandom

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Jul 16, 2019 M4 | Battlefield Wiki | Fandom The M4 is the standard primary weapon in Battlefield 2 and is issued to the USMC's Special Forces kit. The M4 possesses a Red Dot Sight. It is statistically very similar to the other carbines, with a higher recoil than, but identical spread and damage to, the G36C, yet less damage than the AK-74u. Trivia If a player uses the console command renderer.drawHud0, the M4's Aimpoint M2 Sight disappears.

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For the other carbine variant of the M16, see CAR-15. For the Remington Arms version of the carbine, see R4-C. The M4 is an assault rifle designed in the 1980s by Colt's Manufcturing Company, LLC, which is a carbine variant of the M16. The M4 fires the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge and is the standard small arm of the US Army. The M4 is capable of semi-automatic and burst fire modes. The M4 is an assault rifle in Tom Clancy's The Division. The M4 is a default primary weapon that the agent starts with in Beta alongside the MP5 and M9. It's available in three variants - Police, Lightweight& the aftermarket LVOA-C. The quality levels for this weapon range from Worn to High-end as with most other assault rifles. M4A1 is one of the basic Assault Rifles, available in all CF versions. This gun is fairly popular as it has decent accuracy, fairly low recoil and moderate damage but has a slower draw/reload time than AK47. Overall, M4A1 is a great gun for beginners, is good for almost any situation and is available without any rank requirements. A carabina M4 é uma variante mais curta e mais leve do rifle M16A2. A M4 é uma carabina alimentado com carregador, operado à gás por impacto direto , refrigerado a ar, 5.56×45mm NATO . Tem um cano de 14,5 in (368 mm ) e uma soleira telescópica. The M4 comes with a black and grey finish, fitted with an A2 handle and an LE Stock. The model uses the standard M4 hand guard and is fed from a STANAG magazine. Trivia . When compared to the in-game AK 47, this weapon has significantly lower damage but reasonably higher range and accuracy. This is not necessarily the case in real life, with The M4 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 3 and is unlocked upon obtaining a 40,000 Engineer score. It has the same stats as the M4A1, but fires in either three-rounds burst or semi-automatic. After a recent patch, the M4 has the same vertical recoil and less horizontal recoil than the M4A1.