Routers have a number of different features, so we’ll go through some of the most common router specs and how they affect your home network. Advertisement Wired vs Wireless

MoFi Network Inc - Products Accessories ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping How Routers Work | HowStuffWorks Routers are a vital component of the Internet -- they comprise an intricate network that delivers millions of e-mail messages every day. Find out how routers deliver packets of information to the right place. Hop (networking) - Wikipedia In wired computer networking, including the Internet, a hop occurs when a packet is passed from one network segment to the next. Data packets pass through routers as they travel between source and destination. The hop count refers to the number of intermediate devices through which data must pass between source and destination.. Since store and forward and other latencies are incurred through Can I connect two routers to the same network with the

edge router: An edge router is a specialized router located at a network boundary that enables a campus network to connect to external networks. They are primarily used at two demarcation points: the wide area network ( WAN ) and the internet.

The routers provides the capability for local area network (LAN) and wireless LAN (WLAN) attached devices to communicate with each other and to share access to a broadband wide area network (WAN). The most common type of DSL routers is an ADSL routers, (Asynchronous DSL).

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Wireless Routers, WiFi Routers for Home - Wireless routers receive signals from a modem, and share Internet connectivity with compatible devices through a Wi-Fi® network. The most common way to connect to a wireless network is with a desktop unit, which has antennas that help boost the signal.