Dec 12, 2019 · Open an Internet Explorer window and start typing in the URL you want to remove in the address bar. Press the Down arrow on your keyboard or tap to select the URL you wish to remove. Then select the red X at the end of the address bar to delete that particular URL.

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W. henever you browse to a website by typing in the Internet link (URL) directly in the address bar of Internet Explorer, the URL will be saved, and can be viewed by pulling down the list. Due to privacy issue, you may want to remove, delete or clear the history of links from Internet Explorer address bar.

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To edit your history or view it in detail, click Show All History. Clear your browsing history in Safari. Open the Show All History view. To delete individual history items, right-click them and choose Delete, or press the Delete key to clear selected history items. To clear everything, click Clear History.

Delete Your AT&T Email Account - Email Support When you cancel an AT&T service, the AT&T email address, also known as a Member ID, associated with that account isn't removed. You can continue to use that email address as an AT&T free email account without any charge. If you’d like to delete the email address, you must do that manually.