Mar 29, 2017

Open the Internet Options window; Select the ‘connections’ tab; Click the ‘LAN Settings’ button; Enter the Host/IP address and Port number that was displayed at checkout and in your welcome email. Then click “Advanced” Check “Use the same proxy server for all protocols”, then click “OK” That’s it! Use SOCKS proxy server in IE 8 (Win 7) or IE 7 (Win XP) Oct 25, 2011 FoxyProxy - Downloads Proxy SwitchyOmega: Inspired by the original FoxyProxy, switch your IP address based on URLs and other rules or patterns. We do not publish this software. We do not publish this software. Instructions to use your proxy account with Chrome and without any browser extensions.

Sep 10, 2019

Internet explorer not able to use socks proxy? - Windows 7 Dec 03, 2010

How to Setup Proxy in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE and Safari

Has anyone been able to get Windows 10/Internet Explorer to work with a Socks proxy? I routinely do this with an SSH client and Windows 7, but the same configuration does not appear to work with Windows 10 and this continues to affect build 10162—and this applies to configuring this via Connections and LAN Setting in IE and via the new Settings, Network and Internet and Proxy. internet explorer - IE 11 Failure with PuTTY-Based SOCKS5 But it does show the trouble one may run into when attempting to use IE with a SOCKS5 proxy. It seems there may be no good solution to this if one really wants to use IE. proxy internet-explorer putty internet-explorer-11 socks-proxy Download FreeProxy 4.10 Build 1751 Download FreeProxy - User-friendly proxy server that offers support support for HTTP, SMTP, POP, FTP over HTTP, TCP Tunneling, NNTP and SOCKS5, while requiring no advanced technical knowledge